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Yucatan Outdoors is a specialist adventure travel company offering inspiring wilderness and cultural experiences in the most remote and beautiful regions of the Yucatan Peninsula. Our primary purpose is to immerse you in the wonders and joys of nature. You will find incredibly meaningful encounters with the wild world.

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Every expedition is personalized, tailored to your particular interest and needs. You can join the expeditions that we have already designed or if there is one place or an activity that you are interested in and is not in our catalog just let us know. The Yucatan Outdoors team knows the wild places of the Peninsula and we can arrange your trip of a lifetime.

Wetland Kayaking

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Snorkeling Adventures

Cenotes & Mesoamerican Coral Reef

Wilderness Hiking

Cavern Discovering & Maya Culture


Coast, Wetlands & Jungle

Caribbean Sea Kayaking & Reef Snorkeling

Jungle Biking

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